Season subscriptions

 Passes for each season are made available for sale a few weeks in advance of the start of the season. The Fall series will commence in September 2023. Check your email and this website to ensure that you do not miss the opportunity to buy your pass. We still have limited auditorium space allocated to us by Galaxy Theatres so we expect that demand for passes will exceed availability for the near future.

Tips to help you get the passes you need

  1.  Make sure that the email address that is on file with the Cinema Club is still current. Some people have missed our Reminders and Alerts because they changed their email and did not notify us. Check your email and make a note of Box Office dates and times. It appears that some email providers may re-direct our email to  your JUNK folder, so you may wish to periodically check our website or put a reminder in your calendar for the end of August.
  2. We open the Box Office at a specific time to give everyone the same opportunity to buy their passes. Some passes sell out within a few minutes. So you need to be online and ready to purchase at that time. If you cannot be available at the designated time, consider having a friend buy your passes.
  3. Please add to your email Contacts to avoid our messages going to junk or being blocked.
  4. Consider an alternate time. 4:00 is the most popular time followed by 6:30. The 1 pm showings are generally not sold out so perhaps this can be an alternative if you are not successful in your first choice