MON. JAN 18, 2021.  STREAMING until Jan 25

The movie portrays a scientist whose legacy is undimmed but also poses the ethical question of whether we may derive more good than harm from new discoveries. Marie Curie's notebooks are still so radioactive that they can only be handled wearing hazmat gear.
She had many firsts...first Nobel prize to a woman physicist, first woman to win two Nobel prizes, first woman to graduate in Physics from the University of Paris, first woman scientist to break through the male dominated system, first to discover radium and polonium.
Watch for the greenish glow from the radium used in lighting some of the scenes. She had no idea how harmful it could be. At first people were obsessed with the glow-in-the-dark properties.
Do cures for cancer outweigh the Atom bomb and Chernobyl?

Directors:  Marjane Satrapi
Principal Cast: Rosamund Pike, Sam Riley
UK, 1 h 51 min